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There are over one million quadriplegics, stroke patients, and others who are using a flat 24" board, mostly made of wood (below) for transferring from bed to wheelchair, Auto, bath chair, etc.

Picture of pine transfer board

Brochure of SLIDE 'N ROLLTM

Introducing the Slide 'N RollTM patient transfer unit. Carefully designed, model #8 requires less effort when transferring a person from wheelchair to bed, wheelchair to recliner or auto etc. The transfer unit has been tested at over 300 pounds. Other models can be custom designed to satisfy your special needs The curved and arched design allows better combination of transfers and makes the resting area on each end stable from sliding once weight is applied. Two tie straps are provided to ensure the device does not slip off one end. The use of this transfer board is no different from using a wood transfer board in that the safety needed to transfer a person for one place to another must be observed.


Patented U.S.A.                                                               

Picture of Slide N Roll transfer board, wheelchair to bath chair.
Wheelchair to bath chair

Picture of Slide N Roll transfer board, wheelchair to car.
Wheelchair to car

and Kirk Miller, owner of SLIDE 'N ROLLTM transfer board.

My father (Miles Miller) designed the roller board for his sister after she was in an accident which paralyzed her. He saw how difficult the wood transfer boards were to use and the struggle to keep it from sliding around. He looked for devices on the market and found little choice to pick from. The variations in materials/devices (sling lift ) he found were either ineffective, very costly, or take up a lot of room, especially the bathroom.

The SLIDE 'N ROLLTM transfer unit has rollers with ends that safely grip to transfer area, currently made of light weight aluminum with 16 rollers. The combination of curved and arched design allows for the easiest transfer available, saving your back from lifting and positioning. This Slide 'N roll transfer board make's life a little easier for the mobility disabled and for care givers.